Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Looking for a change of colors

Wishing you a lovely and creative week!

Friday, February 14, 2014



There are some people in life
That make you laugh a little louder
Smile a little bigger
And just live a little better

- Unknown


Wishing each of you a lovely Valentine’s Day!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Out of sight, out of mind….Or, the advantage of being a chaotic quilter…


The excitement about trying a new technique (the one I mentioned on my last post)

made me take a look at my scrap boxes.

Oh my….

What do you think I found?….



What a bird brain…

How could I forget my string blocks???… I first showed them  here

After deciding which pattern I liked most

I made more blocks,

I took a break….

made more blocks, and…

time passed…

Other projects took place,

the box with the blocks found a nice corner in the sewing room.

Why did they not scream??…I sure would have heard!


Enough waiting,

I started sewing the blocks.



It’s going to be a square quilt,

I have three more blocks to sew.


Sometimes a new idea helps you to finish an old project!

Wishing you a lovely sewing time!


Friday, January 31, 2014

New ideas


Again and again,

scrap quilts always

get my attention,

the colors, the fabrics,

beautiful, joyful,lovely.


I saw this one in Australian Homespun No.128,

2014_0131Hobbies0007 2014_0131Hobbies0006

A nice way of using remnants to “make” your own pieces of fabric and

then cut them into parallelograms:



Interesting, isn’t it?

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Monday, January 27, 2014

For the little ones



It was time to make some preemie quilts again,

something I really enjoy.

Some little bears,


birds “talking”,


and a sweet panel,


quilted with hearts motifs.


Wishing you a lovely and creative week!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Change of season…


The beauty of Fall is gone…

The days are getting colder, the sky is grey…


with some bright decoration, candles, tea, and

everything else that makes you smile

and feel happy,

we can welcome the most lovely time of the year,

can’t we?

I’m thankful for being able to finish a small wall hanging just in time for the first Advent.

As usual, life gets in the way and my plans fail, I guess  it’s a matter of getting used to it as I grow older…


Time for some more tea….(after the photos!)


Hanging the stocks with care….

photos 034

Enjoy this season and

all the joy

it brings!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013




In April some short trips….

2013_0603photosblog0211 2013_0603photosblog02252013_0603photosblog0216

Nikon 062

Nikon 067



A great class, learned so much….

2013_0603photosblog0017 2013_0603photosblog0023


Visiting some quilt and needlecraft events….

 2013_0603photosblog0119 2013_0603photosblog0144 2013_0603photosblog0141 2013_0603photosblog0131 2013_0603photosblog0156 2013_0603photosblog0162  


Another Quilt Exhibition…

2013_0706Hobbies0013 2013_0706Hobbies0021 2013_0706Hobbies0038 2013_0706Hobbies0012


Enjoying some time in the garden….

 2013_0706Hobbies0042 2013_0706Hobbies0047

 2013_0706Hobbies0053 2013_0706Hobbies0056


Making pouches and little purses for the “girls” in the family…..

 2013_0603photosblog0251 2013_0603photosblog0246 2013_0603photosblog0249  2013_0603photosblog0236


More gifts….


 2013_0608Hobbies0010 2013_06080009 



Short trips again….


Nikon 107Nikon 093

Nikon 103



A present for my dear friend Annie…..




…………… summer vacation….

   Nikon - Ferien 026 Nikon - Ferien 007

Nikon - Ferien 020 Nikon - Ferien 048

Nikon - Ferien 052

Nikon - Ferien 054 Nikon - Ferien 057

Lovely places…..




A lot of people ….

 Nikon - Ferien 114

And more people coming….

 Nikon - Ferien 115

Just to see her,

…………………. isn’t she beautiful?

Nikon - Ferien 117

Rich colors….

……………spices, smells……..

  Nikon - Ferien 104 Nikon - Ferien 109Nikon - Ferien 103

Inspiring colors….

Nikon - Ferien 086  Nikon - Ferien 032

Nikon - Ferien 062 Nikon - Ferien 060  Nikon - Ferien 083

Nikon - Ferien 118

Back home…..My castle……

Wishing you a lovely and creative time