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It’s quite a long while ago sincethe last time we went to Austria.And that’s how our trip began,with a lovely sunset on the Danube river.
In Vienna the next day,sightseeing, wonderful weather.Palace Belvedere.St. Francis of Assisi Church, we were luck it was open so we could visit it.
Walking through the side streets, Mozart Haus.
Fiaker, carriages, everywhere, one cannot think of Vienna without them.
The Albertina, no chance to take a picture without tourists!
you have to visit it when you’re in Vienna,it’s the town’s landmark, pretty impressive.

Hundertwasserhaus, awesome…


Time to take a break…At a fine Café for a delicious Sachertorte (chocolate cake), a especiality,and a Wiener Melange (coffee with whipped cream).
More tasty cakes and pies…

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