Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lovely ideas for decorations, specially with some quilts and other patchwork items. A very nice book!

I love old fashioned quilts! It looks so cozy, so lovely!

When I got this book some weeks ago I just wanted to start sewing right away. But as usual....Well, at least the pictures are quite cute!
The little banana is on my list, I already have the yellow zipper! That's a start, isn't it ?

Lovely owls

These were the first owls I sewed. I found them in a japanese book and I thought I should give a try. The owls are quite small, about 4,5 cm (1 1/2"). It is one of my favorite pincushions!
This one is a pattern from the talented sisters Rosalie Quinlan and Melanie Hurlston from Australia. They have a really nice blog, The one with short legs is still waiting to be sewn! I just have to find the right fabrics for it!
And as long as Tweet waits for Hooty, it makes company to my pincushion. I think they suit each other quite well!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The new Marie Claire Idées

I really like this magazine and I'm glad I'm a subscriber now!There are quite some "fresh" ideas every time and even though my french is not that good, I understand enough. What really counts is the variety and the inspiration!

The invasion of the softies

That's how we started, old T-shirts and the colors he prefered to use.

That is what he said, "hey, mom, can I wear them like that?"

Chocolate!!!! We found chocolate in this house! We've got to tell our friends about it! Isn't it great?!

Mrs.Cookie is my little helper by baking.

She gives me good advices!

Thanks for you help, Mrs. Cookie!

You're welcome, Suzie!

Here are the ones I baked. Would you like some?

I really thought I would sit down and write almost every day, but as usual, the other things just kept me so busy that I did'nt find any time at all...

We celebrated my youngest son's birthday, he is now thirteen!!!I can't believe how time flies by...I do miss the time when they were little, when we could cuddle and play, when they used to hold my hand for walking along the park, speacially when they would pick up flowers and come back running to give them to me, or the little notes with hearts saying " mama I love you". These two boys are the greatest treasures I have in life. Oh, dear husband, if read this, don't be jealous! You know how much I love you too!!!

So, let's see if I can remember the things I did and what else happened.

Yes, I baked some muffins and for Phillip's birthday I needed some help from Rudy because I had problems with my right arm. Unfortunatelly I forgot to take a picture from the birthday cake, but it was delicious!!!You just got it right, Schatz!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Today was a very nice day to go for a walk in the park. Once more we don't have snow here, things are changing...But it is cold!
When we came back home I just had to have a hot cup of coffee! Hmmm, wonderful! It's a pitty that the cake I bake yesterday is gone...The kids were pretty fast in eating it! Specially when we have "full house" around here, two big boys downstairs and three upstairs!
I guess I have to bake tomorrow again, and that's a pleasure!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

These are the pouches I sewed in the last weeks. I am quite pleased with them! I still want to sew some different ones and some from old jeans, they are for a Easter Markt in march (I guess I still have enough time to get everything done, the potholders are almost ready and some decoration for Easter like eggwarmers and little chicks are on my list for the next weeks, we'll see!...)
Then I decided to get a top ready for hand quilting, and oh boy!...The basting did costed my back and fingers....Well, after a couple of days I finally started to quilt. The weather was just perfect for that! I was hearing my favorite music and feeling pretty well when my son suddenly came in holding Bunny in his arms .Poor little Bunny, he couldn't hold his head straight and was losing his balance...We went right away to the vet. Fortunately it is now at the beginning and it seems that he will be fine in some weeks. Bunny is such a lovely rabbit! Now we have to watch how Cleo does, she may get it too, and then we'll have a big problem...Our girl is quite a rebell!
I have some appointments this week, but I will keep on sewing! That's my passion!

The little pouches