Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where wuz I?


……Here I go again, trying to catch up once more with blogging and answers and comments….I’m sorry I did not manage to do that before, I know I’m sort of a chaotic, but life insists on getting on the way every time I think things are running smooth and coming back to the “normal” routine. But I’m NOT going to complain about it,  that’s life, isn’t it?…..

It is better to talk about nice things, like winning a lovely giveaway from RenĂ©.  It was such a surprise to receive her mail telling me I had won her prize! Thank you so much, RenĂ©! Please, visit her blog, she has lovely ideas and she will be very glad if you drop by!

Here is her gift:




So nicely wrapped!






A lovely pattern from Rosalie Quinlan with all the material included! It is so neat! The Lady bug is a pincushion and when she is not resting inside the bag, you can use the bag for your sewing things.

The black dots are yo-yos! A cute idea!




Before the chaos broke in (…) I was trying to finish some projects and I was also planning some new things for Fall. Well, I’m still on that stage.…Crocheting was something that I was able to do in the evenings, it helped to relax a little. On Sunday we had such a wonderful weather and that was the right time to take some pictures outside:


The colors of Fall, always warm and lovely!


I wrote I’d let you know about a visit to the Quilt shop.

Yeah, I did!

But yesterday!  A very short visit, to buy a little bit of batting,  thread,  some FQs, and new ideas.  That is the kind of remedy quilters always need, no doubt about it.

That’s all for the time being, I hope you can bear with me.

Wishing you lovely sewing days!




Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lovely gifts!

Just a short post to share with you some pictures of the lovely parcel I’ve received from Melanie yesterday.

I was so glad it did not get lost, it took longer than usual and I was sort of afraid, one never knows what can happen on the way!


Can you imagine how curious I was?


Everything is so nice! A tea towel with sayings for every month, a book mark and eraser from Bank Hall, Bretherton and these sweeties:


I love this sunflower pincushion! The lady bug on top is so cute!

The wool heart has lovely applique, Melanie does it so well!





It is Thursday already!….Still trying to get more sewing finished, working a little bit on this and a little bit on that as time allows.  And  I have a decision to make, a VERY hard one!!! Should I go to the Quilt Shop and buy some fabric to satisfy my  greedy addiction?….Only a few FQs!…Or should I’d better stay at home and spent these hours with my sewing machine?….

I’ll let you know! ;-))))

Until then, have a lovely and productive weekend!


signature Suzie

little mouse

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birthday gifts


Another week that passed by sooo quickly!

But I’ve finished the birthday gifts, and that is good!

These are the ones I made for a very dear friend, she likes fabric with sewing motifs :












There is place for a little cutting mat, some tools,  and a ruler.








And a pencil case for some pencils,  pens and so on.





For another friend I made a book cover using owls, her favorite theme:



Now I can wrap them and write the cards!

The Heart Quilt is almost ready,  it feels so cozy!

It rained during the weekend, but the beautiful late summer days are still supposed to come. I enjoy these days, it is not so warm,but it is not so cold. And when the first leaves start to fall, I love to see the rich colors, it is so nice to go for a walk. Then come home, drink a warm cup of tea and hand quilt!  It sounds like  I’m getting in the mood for Autumn!!!

Wishing you lovely sewing days!


signature Suzie