Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tagalong, some flowers and a lovely parcel


I’ve finished sewing my Tagalong  just in time!

Old and new blue fabrics, what I had left from other projects, what I bought  the other day.  Sewing the Schnibbles patterns is a lot of fun, they are simple, lovely, and they are not too big,  they make great wall hangings!

Today is a nice day for taking pictures outside.

Blue sky and green grass, exactly what I needed!



 Some flowers from our garden.

I don’t know how this one is called, but I love it. 2010_0428blog-photos0018

The cherry tree in full bloom:


The lovely forsythia:


The other flowers need more time, just have to wait until they are ready.

I sent Lisa and Sarah  (a spoon full of sugar girls ) a magazine we both love and some other little gifts for them. In return they sent me a very lovely parcel. It arrived today from Australia and it made my day!

A big smile when I opened it! :-))))

A great magazine, a cute Matryoshka keychain, a beautiful FQ and Japanese stationery. Isn’t that sweet?

Thank you both so much for your thoughtfulness!


Now I have to finish some blocks, see you later!

Have a lovely day!


signature Suzie

Monday, April 26, 2010

The hexagon bag is finished!


I found a nice way to sew the zipper (in a Japanese book) and the hexagon bag is finished.

I did not sew the zipper directly to the top of the bag, instead, it is sewn to strips and the the strips to the bag, can you see what I mean?



Ready for shopping!


A short sneak peak of my Tagalong, I know I’m a bit late again, but I guess I can still finish it in time.


This the Church where DS2 had his Confirmation. I would like to show some more pictures, but we were not allowed to take photos during the ceremony. It was done by a photograph and we can get it later. Anyways, it was a nice celebration, well organized and the weather was nice, too.


My Quilt Group has a meeting next week so I have to get some blocks and a project done. Pretty busy days ahead!

Have a lovely and creative week!


signature Suzie

Friday, April 23, 2010






Have a lovely weekend!

signature Suzie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I fell in love with a bag!

The new Marie Claire was in the mail box! Can you see my big smile? ;-)))


I am never disappointed with this magazine, on the contrary, I am always amazed with so many lovely and fresh ideas, just wonderful!

There are some pretty bags this time, like this one here:


Recycle your old jeans and have an original bag!


And in case you have more than only one old jeans, just go ahead, there are more ideas!


Have you already made a Jeans Quilt?


What about this table cloth? I’m very found of it!


Embroidery with bright colors:


Don’t forget about Mother’s Day!


Blue, isn’t it a wonderful color?


And, finally, here is my favorite bag.  I fell in love with it at the moment I saw it on the cover!


I did not wait long!

I started cutting the hexagons.

I have never sewn them with the machine, but, there is always the first time for everything, right?  Take heart, Suzie!

This is the tutorial that helped me, thanks to Rachel of Lady Harvatine


It worked!

Five rolls of 9 hexagons each.


After I finished sewing the hexagons, I cut about 4 cm at the top and at the bottom. Then I ironed the batting, but not completely,  I left about 20 cm (8” ) at each side so that I still could sew the hexagons on the side. The “tube” was sewn and then I could finish ironing the rest of the batting – that was quite tricky, I tell you! And it was another “adventure” to sew the straps! But it is done :-)))


Can you see where I “mended” the batting? And the bottom is sewn!


So far so good!

The next step is to sew a zipper.

Time to breathe deeply!

I’ll show you how it turned out on my next post!

Have a lovely week!

And happy makings!


signature Suzie

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hooked again!

What can happen when you just don’t feel like sewing?

The ideas come and go… there’s something missing …but  the urge to do something is there, your hands can stay still…

Crochet! That’s a good idea! I looked for the cotton yarns I had and got started.


The first one I made is called Modern Vintage Potholder, you can find the instructions here.


Then I made this one, it is cute!


Crocheting and letting the ideas flow….patterns, colors, motifs…Hmmm, crochet, sewing, stitching ! :-))))

That was a lot of fun and my yarn stash (yeah, I have a yarn stash, too!) started to decrease. I still have pink, red and yellow, should I use them too? I’m still “hooked”!

Evenings are great for this craft!




Have a lovely and creative week!

Happy makings!

signature Suzie


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little bugs


I haven’t  done much lately, things are a bit slow at the moment.

But I have finished another preemie quilt and that’s nice.



May these cute little bugs bring  joy and luck to the baby and its family.

Have a lovely and creative week!

signature Suzie


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One preemie quilt done and a lovely mini quilt


Hi, there!

The weather has been so nice, sunny and beautiful! There are more daffodils in the garden and the first tulips are also coming. Spring will soon blossom out all over.

….sigh….to my surprise I started sneezing like crazy and soon I had a nasal congestion and my eyes got swollen…Yea…A new allergy test!.. I am allergic to some pollen - Hazel, Birch, Alder and specially to Beech. Gosh, where does that come from??… I did not have anything like that before!…Last year everything was all right, we had a wonderful Spring and Summer, I had NOTHING. I sat often outside,  I read books, stitched, sewed by hand - no sneezing, just normal. Now I have to use a cortisone-containing nasal spray and a medicament as long as the pollen are there….sigh……

I finished the preemie quilt, I think it looks bright and joyful:


And I started another one, just need a fabric for the border:


Yesterday I felt relieved, the parcel Anne Ida sent me arrived safe and sound!


A beautiful card with daffodils!

And this lovely mini quilt was inside, it is absolutely darling!


I love this little bee!


And the flower and the button, too!



Thank you so much, Anne Ida! *^* Tusend takk!

That’s all for the moment.

Wishing you a sunny, lovely week!

signature Suzie