Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Because she likes coffee


I’ve finished the birthday gifts for my friend H.

A set of “Cup mat” -  I call it like that because it is smaller than a table mat, but bigger than a coaster, it fits a cup and its coaster.  A coffee cozy for her coffee pot and a little bag.

Now I only need some nice paper to wrap them and the other little things I bought for her!


That’s all for now!

See you!


signature Suzie

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sew, stitch, bake, and enjoy!

Hi, there!

I’ve been working on a birthday gift for one of my friends.

I still have a couple of days to finish it,  here is a sneak peak:



It’s not hard to guess about the motif, is it?!

Will she like it? I hope so!

And I also have been stitching. I’ve got a little bit behind with the “Little Christmas Elves” stitch along project…

This week I got two blocks done and I’ve started a big one.

Some fabrics I’m going to use:


Sewing, stitching, and backing, hmmm!

Things that make any quilter feel better!

Banana bread and a cappuccino – no tea today,  sometimes it has to be stronger and creamy!


And because I was in the mood to try a new pattern…

A “Pear pouch” -  funny!




Yesterday we had a beautiful late summer day,  it was sunny (23°C) and it felt so nice!

Two pictures to bring you a little bit of warmth. Save it for the coming cold Seasons!




Now I’m ready for Fall!

Leaves, acorns, pumpkins, toadstools!

Have a lovely and creative week!


signature Suzie

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A cup of tea

My friend Ulla said I should wipe my tears and make a cup of tea.

That’s what I did – tea always help.

Next day I needed more than a cup of tea. I baked a blueberry cake – you can imagine that was another “big” help” (LOL)! Not a crumb left…


Drinking, eating and reading the new Marie Claire:


Though I’m still looking for the lovely late summer days, these pictures gave me an Autumn feeling. Aren’t they beautiful? I love the clogs.


What about a little trip to Paris?!

If only it could be that easy!…


This is the book I got (just gathering more ideas, you know…):


She gives you the instructions for 12 different blocks:


The blocks can be combined in different ways, like this one for instance:


Only two blocks and you get stunning quilts.

Some more examples:



Now that “A Year of Schinbbles” is over….

Another year of fun is about to start ;-)) !!

These lovely and creative people, Sherri, Sinta and Carrie (I love her book!)planed something new, it is called “Le Petit”, you can read about it here and here. This time I’m game since the beginning and I can hardly wait to start!

I’ve baked another cake today, poppy-seed cake, hmmmm!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


signature Suzie